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In my 36th summer lost 30 kgs,

bob n weave, toe to toe, til the pearly gates gleam.


I’m going in like Rodtang, I’m going in like Rodtang,

Pain made me a strong man, 

Shrugging off hate and the people say goddamn (DAMN).

Verse one:

It was all part of God's plan - 

I hit rock bottom in the heart of a lost land,

the traffic in my cranium it turned to a log jam,

these so-called prophets got the heart of con man.

Yes, I flex and maintain position,

A champ in three sports & eight weight divisions, 

it ain’t safe to pamper & placate addiction, 

I waited for Glenfiddich to vacate my system.

I fought through the fire n rain, 

My best friend got slain, I will never be the same,

roll the dice on life’s game, the price is pain,

Brother B, I love you, I’ll honour your name forever.

I’m broken and changed forever,

I’d prayed we could age together -

two brothers so different but fighting with the same oppressor,

see the devil dressed down in the angel feathers.

Borneo Romeo, not my first rodeo,

Wise like an owl but you know it ain’t OVO,

Cheesy little fucks I will melt you like provolone,

Since Ali Died your boy used the Rope-a-Dope.

Who am I? Reading The Bluest Eye,

Living it it do or die, thinking of suicide,

nearly was euthanised, dragged and crucified. 

Villain or good man? Fuck it, bro - you decide.

Chorus x 1



Verse two:

Cross to a teep, catch to a sweep,

Shrugging off the pain biting on my mouthpiece,

Papertoy said the song didn’t fit the brief

but I had to let it out, I was overcome with grief.

(Ooh wee!) Living in the pressure and hostility,

turn to face west, pray to Mecca for lucidity, 

taking out my paper and I pen it with calligraphy,

every single moment is a lesson in humility -

Like chess, like love, like Muay Thai.

Borneo hornbill, you know that you’re boy’s fly.

Contradict my last line, drown you in starshine,

Souped up the Parker pen, went for a joyride.

Life full of danger, blind navigator, 

fly alligator skin boots, chilli flavour.

Venomous enemies - bye, seeya later, 

mate, you could’ve been anything, why be a hater?

Nerdy little boy with atalent for the pen, bro. 

Took my heart from the trash and flooded it with gemstones.

Took it to the heavy bag harden up my shinbone

ten toes down while I barter off my sins

for my good deeds, harmonise my hymns to crescendo,

memories tatted on my skin like Memento.

Chorus x 1

Bridge 2:

Never let ‘em define you, think they got it figured they’re two steps behind you.

Never let ‘em define you, think they got it figured they’re two steps behind you.



Brother B, I love you, I’ll honour your name forever.


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