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New album "The Fullness" OUT NOW

OMAR MUSA’S new full-length album, The Fullnessis out today and available on all streaming services. Listen here:

On release, Omar said:

“I didn’t plan on making this. A few years ago, I half-made a bunch of songs, just for fun, from a place of joy and rejuvenation when I got sober and clean. But when my best friend B died last year, I needed something to focus on while grieving and living in a new city; I wanted to make something beautiful to honour him. So I decided to explore and expand them into an album — made in joy, polished with grief.


The Fullness is inspired by 1,000-year-old Bornean trees, the Queanbeyan River, the recovery of reefs, the recovery of hearts, the Brooklyn train line, my grandma’s poems, the resilience of Gazans, Friday prayers at NYU, Muay Thai, addiction, friendship, grief, love, love and LOVE.


I know people don’t really pay for music anymore, but if you feel it, of course it would be appreciated, and 20% of Bandcamp sales go to APN Cape York, which B founded to empower his community and is his greatest legacy. BUY HERE:


This was made in Kota Kinabalu and Brooklyn and Queanbeyan. With Papertoy at the helm musically, I’ve collaborated with some incredible people on this, listed below. We’ve worked very hard and are extremely proud of it. So drive to it, run to it, cook to it, live with it, let it sink in. I hope it brings semangat - spirit. Plz forgive me my mistakes — maaf zahir dan batin. All love, Omar.”


10% of ticket sales to AusRelief Gaza Emergency Appeal

April 27th, 8pm, Kota Kinabalu, FREE, Ruang Tamu Ekosistem.

May 3rd, Canberra, $20, Sideway, support Lucy Sugerman.

May 4th - June 2nd, Canberra, exhibition  “All My Memories Are Mistranslations” at Humble House Gallery, Fyshwick.

May 8th, Western Sydney, $15, Bankstown Arts Centre, support Sara Saleh.

May 11th, Sydney/Gadigal, album launch / pop up exhibition, $15, The Lord Gladstone, DJ Muna.

London and NYC shows TBC.


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