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New single "RODTANG" OUT NOW!

“RODTANG” is the heavy-hitting new single from poet, rapper and artist Omar Musa from his upcoming album “The Fullness” (out April 26th). Named after Muay Thai kickboxing world champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon, this is a ferocious, flamboyant banger about standing your ground. Produced by Papertoy, with a trunk-rattling bassline and jittery synths, the song veers between braggadocio and heart-felt urgency about life, death and addiction. “I fell in love with Muay Thai a few years ago and never looked back,” says Omar. “I’m not great at it but it’s saved me from some dark times and given me fortitude and community.” “RODTANG” is one for the running and gym playlists — an earworm to sweat and kick it to.


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