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New music vid "Electricity" [Dir. by Bojan Stojčić] OUT NOW!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Visuals by Bojan Stojčić in Bosnia

NY shots by Mariel Roberts

Produced by Papertoy

"Met a poet from the opposite side of the world, only to find that we are same in our Otherness. For me it felt natural to take his poetry to the mountain under which I grew up, to write his words on leaves that not too long ago witnessed bomb-shelling of my town deprived of water, food or electricity, but never of poetry." — Bojan Stojčić, Sarajevo, 2023

Bojan Stojčić (1988) is a Bosnian visual artist. Most recently, he won the Bell Award for best young artist in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2023), the WHW Academy scholarships for an emerging artist (2022), as well as the Revizor scholarship for engagement and achievement in science and art (2022). With his multimedia works Stojčić addresses the auto colonial discourse and affect in the meta-Yugoslav space, questioning the collective and individual view of the peripheral Other and self.


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